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Sarah Jane Mete

Professional Pianist. Piano Teacher. Female Entrepreneur. Motivator.

Virtual Piano Masterclass

The Mete Method

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  • Five-Week Course Formatted in A Logical Order with Each Video Building off Previous Concepts

  • Additional Course Resources Provided Tailored to Each Week: Theory, Pieces (Practice), Technique, and Musical Glossary Flashcards

  • Content and Concepts Derived from The Royal Conservatory of Music Curriculum with Personal Interpretation Added

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Most Common Mistake When Learning Piano?

Relying on apps and softwares that only focus on note reading.  

Important concepts such as arm weight, weight transfer, finger independence, and technique, to name a few, are essential in learning how to play the piano properly. 

Certified Piano Teacher

Professional Pianist

ARCT Piano Performance Diploma & Pedagogy

Sarah Jane Mete

I am a graduate of The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto with my ARCT Piano Performance Diploma. At the age of 4, I started learning piano, which, in turn, led me to teach piano at the age of 15. Throughout my life, it has always been music and school - a perfect balance. I learned what commitment, dedication, work ethic, and self-motivation was through piano lessons and piano practice. There were MANY times where I wanted to give up and quit because it got more difficult. In the end, the sense of accomplishment was empowerment- I wanted more. That’s what I hope to provide for you. Empowerment to release any stress or creativity you might have through the healing powers of music.
  • 01

    How the piano works. Differences between electric vs. acoustic pianos. Note names, including “reference notes". Rhythm I. Arm Weight. Hand Shape. Dynamics I.

  • 02

    Rhythm II. Time Signatures. Dynamics II. Accidentals. Improvisation. Transposing. Technique. Triads I.

  • 03

    Circle of 5ths I. Piano Pedals. Octave Scales I. Triads II. Rhythm III. Dynamics III.

  • 04

    Circle of 5ths II. Intervals With Matching Songs (Ear). Octave Scales II. Triads III. Committing Pieces to Memory. Practicing Difficult Passages.

  • 05

    Relative Minor Keys in Piano. Harmonic Scales. Chromatic Scales. Melodic Scales. Natural Minor Scales. Jazz Blues Riffs.